Pirates 2021 Group Photo

The Challenge

K-Way Jeppe Athletics will be holding a challenge over 12 weeks with the participants running 12 Legendary Jeppe routes throughout Bedfordview, Edenvale and Kensington. The idea is to provide our members with the motivation to keep up their training and fitness during these tough times we have been presented with due to the lockdowns and restrictions.

We decided to have the Legends Challenge make use of some of the most iconic and legendary Jeppe routes that hold a meaning and sentimentality for the K-Way Jeppe Athletics Club.

How It Works

  • Each week over the next 12 weeks a new route will be released to the participants via our website blog section.
  • Participants will have one week to complete the specific route before the next route is released.
  • If participants don’t manage to complete the route within that week they can still complete the route at any time before the challenge ends, however we suggest trying to complete each one in the week it is released.
  • Participants are required to enter their route completion time/s and share their Garmin/Polar/Apple/Strava/etc link to their completed route/s on the following form: Submit Results alternatively send your public activity link to challenge@kwayjeppe.co.za
  • The routes have all been mapped to start and finish at Jeppe Quondam Club in Bedfordview, however participants may start at any point along the route.
  • The club running school captains will be including the weekly route as one of the training runs within each weeks’ programme. If however participants miss this opportunity they may run the route at any time which is convenient for them.
  • Non-Members are welcome to participate in the challenge, the cost to enter will be R150 per non-member. If non-members decide to join K-Way Jeppe Athletics as a full member thereafter this entry fee will be discounted off their first subscription.

Double Challenge!!

Participants who manage to complete all 12 routes of the challenge within the 12 weeks will receive a limited edition completion accolade (TBA).

K-Way Jeppe Athletics is well known for embracing the hill climbs presented around our club location and hence we felt it fair to add a little ‘bonus’ challenge for those more adventurous runners amongst us.

Included within the 12 routes of the Legends Challenge are two ‘King of the Mountains’ (KoM) routes. These will be identified as the routes are released. On week one we will release the extra two KoM routes to be run at any time within the 12 weeks. Participants who complete BOTH the 12 Legends routes and the extra two KoM routes will receive a further KoM completion accolade.

Enter the Legends Challenge now!!

Please complete the G-Form on the following link: KWay Jeppe Legends Challenge to confirm your participation. Looking forward to sharing the road with everyone!!