Your First Race:

Here are some pointers from Janice Herz, captain of the Beginners (Fledglings) running school:

Be sure to build up a comfortable jogging pace before attempting to race any distance;

Invest in a good pair of running shoes best suited to your style;

Your body should be conditioned to tarmac running & has become road hard to avoid the common beginners’ injuries.

Enter the race online before the closing date and get to registration timeously;

On race day, get to the race with plenty of time to spare allowing for parking and a warm up walk to the start;

Begin your race towards the back of the pack, starting off at a slower pace than you think you should to allow for a warm up, trying not to get caught up in the initial rush which is very tempting. Remember this is your first race so whatever time you do it WILL be your PB (personal best).

Stay comfortable, remembering to breathe efficiently to avoid a stitch.

Focus on getting into a consistent and controlled rhythm.

Walk only at water points, slowing down sufficiently to recover and taking in adequate fluids without wasting too much time. (If you’d like to drink coke, try diluting it with some water as the fizziness could cause discomfort).

If you need to walk do so on an uphill, at a brisk pace so as not to allow your heart rate to drop too much. Set targets for a short brisk walk to catch your breath.

Avoid sprinting down hills in an attempt to make up time, as this could be damaging on your knees. Rather cruise gently using the time to get back into rhythm.

Enjoy the experience and the finish line ~ it will be the most memorable medal you will ever receive. Basque in your glory ~ you’ve earned it!!