Triathlon & Cycling Section

Section Summary

K-Way Jeppe Athletics also has a popular triathlon and cycling section, where our members enjoy participation in all the major events, including Ironman, 5150, Cape Town Cycle tour & 947 Cycle Race.

The Triathlon Section was formed by default in 1995, when a group of runners (Alfie Pain, Dario and Eddie Oliver, who are all still members of Jeppe) broke out of the Comrades mould to try their hand at multi-sports events. Jeppe runners then started following suit, showing interest in swimming the Midmar Dam, and in doing the Argus and 94.7 cycling events. When Triathlon South Africa became a proper body and started organising SA Champs, Derek Maricisz, who is an ex-South African Marathon Champion and holds the fastest marathon time in Jeppe (2:17), was instrumental in getting the ball rolling and organising proper training for Jeppe’s up and coming triathletes. Nearly 15 years later, the list of achievements is huge. There has been SA representation every year without exception either in the duathlon or triathlon sections.

Section Team Captain: Alan Carrington

Organises, regulates and controls all of the Section’s activities and training, liaises with the Coach to ensure the training program is in keeping with the goals of the section.

Triathlon Training Schedule

To be advised as we are still observing lockdown restrictions as per the COVID-19 response.

Triathlon Training Days:

Run: Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays (long run)
Cycling: Wednesdays & Fridays indoors & Sundays outdoors
Swim: twice during the week & Saturdays open water in the afternoons.

The school runs & cycles from the Jeppe Quondam Car Park

Cycling Training Days:

Cycling: During the week indoors & on weekends outdoors as per WhatsApp Group arrangements

The school cycles from the Jeppe Quondam Car Park

Cycling Training Schedule


Your own training, as per the programme, your choice of indoor or outdoor training


Long ride as per programme.


Long ride as per programme.

Important Information

Wear bright clothes

So that you are clearly visible, preferably a luminous Jeppe (or any other) reflector vest. Listen out for the cyclists & motorists, we all share the same road & can work to avoid unfortunate mishaps. If anyone would like to purchase a Jeppe reflection vest (recommended), please contact Kim Pain.

Want to Join The Club?

We have multiple running schools, covering a vaste range of speeds, abilities, disciplines and fitness, which facilitates new members fitting in wherever they feel comfortable and progressing from there. We look forward to you contacting us, and joining our club.